Henry Monster Designs


Welcome to Henry Monster Designs, LLC!

My name is Dan Henry, I am the Owner and Creator of HMD. I have been sculpting since 2006 off and on. I have run, designed and built numerous Haunted Attractions including Decimation Haunted House which I Owned with my brother, Chris Henry from 2010-2011. From 2012-2019 I Co-Owned a Mask Shop called Krooked Kreations with my good friend Ray Bruels III. While my background in the Halloween and Haunted House industries is extensive, I enjoy few things more than sitting down and Sculpting a new Character or Monster. The idea of making something from scratch to share is just amazing to me!

My shop is currently located in Johnstown, CO. All in all I have over 20 years of experience in creature/monster design, haunted attractions, sculpting, prop building, set design and lighting/audio work and I can’t see every slowing down on the creativity!

I am grateful for my talents that are not my own, but a gift from God. He has blessed me richly and I do my best to share those talents and gifts with others, hoping what I create makes them feel as I felt as a kid during Halloween and Christmas time, sheer joy and excitement! I want people to enjoy what I make, that’s my simple goal.