Haunt Society


Known for their film series The Houses October Built, Zack Andrews and Bobby Roe have traveled across the globe and experienced over 100 Halloween haunted houses and Escape Rooms over the last 15 years – witnessing first-hand the magnificent haunt community up close professionally and personally.

“We’ve learned each haunt is a family. That drew us in more than anything. And with the amazing commercials, creative builds, and movie level acting of these establishments, we felt that a website was needed that would highlight all of this incredible hard work and talent. A definitive hub that would let haunt-goers explore all that this world has to offer…a pedestal of macabre masterpieces.”

Whether you are looking for a haunted house, work at a haunted house, own an escape room or haunted house we want this to be your resource from a brand and people that love and respect the escape room and haunt universe.

To find more about their movies…Go to Foreboding Studios.