Global Archery


Global Archery Products, Inc. is the umbrella company of the Archery Tag®, S.A.F.E. Archery®, Highland™ Bows, and Legend™ Bows line of products. John has always had a passion for archery and wanted to ignite an interest in archery by making it fun and accessible. He envisioned a game that would bring people of all ages together (moms, dads, kids, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends) for fun and exercise.

Over the years, he has been humbled and amazed to see how extreme archery has grown from a simple idea into a worldwide sport that is enjoyed in 65 countries spanning six continents. As he travels around the United States and the globe, John witnesses the same phenomenon: people of all ages, genders, and nationalities enjoying the sport of extreme archery. To see people who never would have had the desire, inclination, or opportunity or pick up a bow and arrow out enjoying extreme archery is magical to John. He hopes the magic continues to grow.