Valken Paintball


Valken doesn’t just sell it – we make it. Proudly. Valken paintball products and Valken airsoft gear is both quality and affordable, allowing you to play your game and play it more. Valken makes the best paintballs in the world like Valken Redemption Pro paintballs, Valken Graffiti Paintballs and Valken Tango paintballs, along with Valken Infinity airsoft BB’s, Valken Accelerate Pro Match airsoft BB’s, and a full line of paintball and airsoft equipment like Paintball pants, paintball and airsoft pads, paintball pods, paintball goggles like the Valken MI-7 no-fog paintball goggle, Valken airsoft goggles, Valken airsoft mesh masks, Valken gloves and Valken airsoft batteries and airsoft chargers, along with the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun and the Valken ASL line of electric airsoft guns and GBB airsoft pistols like the Valken HICAPA!

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