Ghoulish Productions


In Ghoulish productions we want to thank all of our customers for having trust in us. We have increased production more than ever, we hired hundreds of people, who with great effort and commitment made possible to deliver millions of products around the world.

This year we started the operation of a laboratory and expanded various areas of the production processes, not only to meet demand but also to continue innovating and improving the quality of our products.

Our commitment for 2023, is to improve in every aspect of our processes and continue amazing with our products, that’s why we are renewing Licenses, obtaining new ones and increasing our options for deco, appliances, accessories and of course the best masks in the world.

During 2022 we still suffer from the ravages of COVID: uncertainty in distribution chains, decimated families and inflation; we are working very hard to offer astonishing products with the best quality and improving our capabilities to face future challenges. Among the novelties for this year, we are launching our first silicon product line that we hope will amaze you, we’ve increased the creatures from the Artists Collection, with Tony Bianchi’s imagination.

Tony Bianchi is a well-known icon in the Halloween Industry from New York. We also increased our deco items with Ghostly kids, they are great to decorate your House and cause some screams. Join us to celebrate tradition, hope, rebirth, joy and the memory of our loved ones in this Halloween and Day of the Dead.