Mortal Remains


Our goal of going into full-body costumes is to provide actors with a 100% full-character solution.
Providing a complete character alteration from head to toe makes for a more realistic and believable scare.

Our artists and fabricators use proven movie-making effects techniques to bring these characters to life. Our team personally tests and wears all our designs before we finalize the costume and get them ready for production.We work through the logistics of performance environments and we shoot for long-term use and resistance against abuse and wear and tear.

Mortal Remains Full Body Costumes are designed to allow performers to move and animate their characters. Mortal Remains is primarily a conceptual art studio and costuming is an extension of our creative process.

When we come up with a good character concept we work to develop it from head to toe and to capture the essence of that character.Our goal is to create memorable characters so you can create memorable experiences for your audience.

With so many haunt and horror products on the market it becomes even more important to stand out. For this reason Mortal Remains puts a large amount of focus on details in both our original art and the final products.These details are what make the quality of our final products stand above all the rest.