Monstrous Makeup Manual


The Monstrous Makeup Manual series of books is a complete prosthetic and fx makeup course in book form. They are the most illustrated books on makeup available totaling literally thousands of photos in step by step format. Nothing is left out in the photos. The Makeup For Haunts DVD is a 2 hour video, showing in real-time, how to create several looks with airbrush, construction, and prosthetic appliances. There is no more efficient, affordable, fun, or easy way to learn the art of character, prosthetic and fx makeup The author, Mike Spatola, is a 2 time Emmy Award nominee for Best Makeup, He’s done makeup and fx work on Terminator 2, Predator 2, Tales From The Crypt, Return of the Living Dead, and Iron Man 3 (to name a few), and has authored 6 books on makeup, and 1 on photography. He has also served as Chief Academic Officer at Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood for many, many years.