Kooky Spooky Costumes LLC


Kooky Spooky Costumes offers bespoke, custom costumes with adjustable sizing and functionality to suit multiple Haunt actors and Halloween buffs. As sustainability is very important to our planet, most of the costumes will have upcycled materials incorporated which also adds to the uniqueness of each piece. Each costume has built-in adjustability where it can be added and almost all will adjust across several sizes. Kooky Spooky history – Robin began making costumes for people and her dolls when she was a young girl out of things she could find around the house. She learned to refabricate upcycled items to create those costumes, clothing and other items. As a young adult, she sewed costumes and clothing for her daughter. Into later adulthood, she enjoyed sewing Halloween costumes for friends and grandkids. She also created custom costumes for the various belly dance troupes to which she belonged. The idea to focus on Halloween costumes for haunts came from her family and she started Kooky Spooky Costumes in 2022.