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The Grex Core Airbrush System. Our systems approach to airbrush design is what allows us to achieve such versatility with just 4 CORE airbrushes. The Tritium.TS, Tritium.TG, Genesis.XGi and Genesis.XSi share the exact same needles, nozzles, and nozzle caps. This makes it much easier to find the parts you need, but more importantly allows these airbrushes to easily change nozzle sizes. Add to that all the different cups and bottles we offer, the ability to use other manufacturer’s cups and bottles via the AD31 and AD32 adapters and the ability to spray with a fan pattern using our Fan Spray Caps. This makes Grex airbrushes the ultimate in versatility and adaptability. Simply put, Grex airbrushes evolve to accommodate your changing needs and applications. No need to own multiple airbrushes, each with its limited function. And no need to purchase an entirely new airbrush when you outgrow yours. We believe choosing a Grex airbrush is a long term investment and we take pride in knowing it’s the airbrush you will depend on for many years. With only 4 CORE airbrushes, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure no matter which Grex airbrush you choose, it’s going to be the best airbrush we make. Its professional quality, and superb craftsmanship will last you a lifetime. We back this up with professional and friendly customer service and a 6 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

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