Boneware Party Cutlery


We have three 90 ton plastic injection molding machines and we manufacture, here in America, a quality product backed by a LifeTime Guarantee – Skeleton Shaped Plasticware: Fork, Spoon & Knife. It’s called BoneWare Party Cutlery. Great for personal use, but if you have a Haunt – it’s an excellent addition to your gift shop or concession stand – adding value to your business and giving customers something to take home. Whenever they use it, they will remember where they got it and their friends will want some too! It makes for great conversation and can be used all year long cuz its not just for Halloween! You’ll get repeat business and make at least 50% profit! Our website does not have wholesale pricing or the products we created for resellers because we don’t want to compete with you! – call the number listed below to get a Product Information sheet and get set up as a reseller. Go to the website to learn about this patent pending – real human anatomy – toxin free badass product! This ain’t throwaway plasticware – its guaranteed for life – your customers will love that too!