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Zagone Studios means Halloween Masks and Costumes. Whether you wear Zagone Masks for disguise, performance, or entertainment, Zagone Masks have you covered! Family owned and managed for over 40 years Zagone Masks and Costumes continues to design, innovate and manufacture right here in the U.S.A. Featuring the sculpts of Bill Ystrom (known as BY B.Y.) Zagone Studios has developed and originated multi lines of super soft latex, ultra-comfortable head sock and moving mouth harness masks. Our masks are great fitting while maintaining true to life, beautiful and intricate sculpts. We don’t sell masks, we sell characters. Here you will find some of the best fitting masks in the world. All photos are actual production masks. No “touched up” artist paint jobs – what you see is the quality you will get! We don’t just sell rubber Halloween masks. We sell characters. Our retail partners are just as proud of the fun they and our end user customers have with our masks as they are with the proven sales. Be sure to note that many of our masks are enhanced by our comfortable costumes. Both our masks and costumes are designed so that a person can easily wear them for extended periods of time. Almost 45 years of innovation and creativity make Zagone Studios products the best in the industry. Our masks are made by hand in the Zagone Chicagoland factory. Family owned and managed company with 45+ years of Mask and Costume Manufacturing experience. Family is still an integral part of all facility operations. All the Sculpt Artwork and Engineering is unique to Zagone Studios. Masks are designed to perfectly fit and move with the human head. All mask artwork (sculpts) are copywritten and protected. The design focus is to deliver comfortable, lightweight and breathable Masks, Costumes and Accessories. Durable and Long Lasting. A complete costume with one mask. Each Zagone mask is Handmade in the USA (Melrose Park, IL) and inspected by a Zagone team member before it is ever packed. All of our production materials are tested annually for environmental and consumer safety concerns. The raw materials (Latex and Paint) used in the manufacture of our Masks, Costumes and Accessories are all custom formulations. These custom formulations provide maximum elasticity and durability and are the intellectual property of Zagone Studios. The artistry delivered through our detailed painting techniques highlight each mask’s unique design features.

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