Torchlight Parade


We are DYING to play for you! Torchlight Parade is an original hard rock horror band from the heart of the Midwest, St. Louis, Missouri.

Crafted in the basement of a morgue in 2006 by singer Matt Engel (embalmer) and his guitarist brother, Doug Engel (hearse driver). The heavy grinding guitar riffs, huge in your face vocals, and a hard-hitting, precise rhythm section bring you an entertaining stage performance that never disappoints. They combine a thought-provoking take on death, the afterlife, and the quest for salvation with a theatrical flair. Torchlight Parade has opened for top hard rock veterans such as Quiet Riot, Autograph, Faster Pussycat, Metal Church, Beasto Blanco, and Stryper. Torchlight Parade has a large loyal following that flocks to wherever they may play in the area, be it a large concert hall or intimate bar.