Conjured Media


We Are Conjured Media Conjured Media is your full-service marketing and creative partner. We have revolutionized haunted attraction advertising and are dedicated to supercharging your haunt’s growth. Unleash Your Growth Many haunt owners miss huge growth opportunities by choosing DIY marketing or working with agencies that are using dated or unreliable methods. Don’t be one of them! Our proven process of merging killer creative content with actionable data will take your growth to a whole new level. The Conjured Media Creative Team builds a story to engage and immerse your potential guests in your haunt experience. Immersion = Sales. Our data collection and analysis system reveals which strategies, ads, and audiences are working, and which aren’t. We target your most engaged fans in real time, maximizing your return on ad spend. Our Core Values Conjured Media is your partner; we’re invested in your success. We value transparency and accountability. We provide you with easy-to-understand status reports and will be there whenever you need us—even if it’s at 11:00 p.m. on your busiest night. Services Marketing, Video, Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development, Automation Results We publish an annual case study where you can see all of our results for your self.