Boneyard Productions


Boneyard Productions International is a full-service Haunted House and attraction design / construction company. Our staff of engineers, artists and designers have become famous for creating some of the most fantastic Haunted Attractions throughout the world. Let us turn your Haunted Attraction into a World Class Event! Founded by John Denley a.k.a. “Professor Nightmare”, Boneyard Productions International has become synonymous with cutting edge Haunted Attractions. As an owner of several haunts himself, he has developed a unique operating system over the past 25 years, making his haunts a shrieking success. With clients ranging from Disney Resorts, Six Flags, Madison Scare Garden and Foxwoods Casinos, Boneyard Productions boasts the best time-proven track record in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a turn-key attraction, or you are renovating an existing one, Boneyard Productions is. . . Your one stop Haunted Attraction Supply House!